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NUBE SS30: Air to Water Generator

Agua del Aire NUBE Innovaqua
Agua del Aire NUBE Innovaqua
Agua del Aire NUBE Innovaqua
Agua del Aire NUBE Innovaqua
$ 34,999.00 MXN $ 35,000.00 MXN

air to water generator

Innovaqua NUBE What is NUBE?

NUBE is a machine that transforms air into high purity water, fluoride and chlorine-free. 
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Innovaqua NUBE Do you still carry jugs?

NUBE is the future, it is the most avant-garde, healthy and sustainable way to drink water. In addition, you ensure the water supply for you and your loved ones for more than 25 years.  



Innovaqua NUBE Check out how easy is to install NUBE:


Innovaqua NUBESo, how does NUBE work?

Innovaqua NUBEDoes Air Water contain minerals?

Yes! In the last stage of filtration, the water generated from the air is mineralized by means of micro-doses in a cartridge that contains mineral stones, thus, we simulate the erosion effect of the river (which is where the rainwater is mineralized).

Don't worry in case of natural disasters or water wars!

Nube Innovaqua Agua del aire

  • Generates up to 30 liters every 24 hours.
  • Just plug it to electricity.
  • Electricity consumption per liter produced: 0.05 USD  / 250 - 350 Watts.
  • Goodbye Bottled Water!

NUBE SS30 Data Sheet


Innovaqua NUBEHow much water will NUBE produce?

The ant expenses of bottled water represent an annual expenditure of up to $ 1,500 USD per family

air to water generator

Electricity consumption per liter produced:

$0.05 USD / 250 - 350 Watts.

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free shipping innovaquaDelivery time: 3-5 days  

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Innovaqua NUBE Does NUBE need maintenance?

Yes, but don't worry, it's very easy and cheap: 3 cartridges (Carbon and mineralizer) are changed every 6 to 12 months. Its price is 65 USD, we send them to you for free and they are installed in less than 5 minutes with the help of the following video tutorial:


nube ss30 spare parts

Check out our YouTube channel for video tutorials and tips.

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Innovaqua NUBEWarranty

nube ss30 warranty

nube ss30 warranty


centro de atención Innovaqua

We have a call center 24/7 via WhatsApp: +5218123976112

 We have only 5 star reviews on Amazon!

innovaqua nube amazon

air to water generator NUBE


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