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    "The machine that transforms air into water envied by all water bottled users."

  • Ecotella

    By using it, you save the planet 1 plastic bottle plus $1 to your pocket!


    Eliminates Chlorine, Fluoride, Metals and raises pH.

  • Movagro

    Maintenance costs?

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Is it useful to burn tires against frost on crops?

Sirve de algo quemar llantas contra las heladas en cultivos?
Posted on 1 comment

They are practices without scientific support, traditions and techniques transmitted from generation to generation without questioning their effectiveness or consequences.

What is coronavirus and should I be alarmed?

coronavirus y plata coloidal
Posted on 4 comments

I researched the topic for several days (I didn't want to create this article just by repeating what you can see in other media), and what is really feared is that we have time without an unusual pandemic.

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