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Water crisis seminars

"In our conferences we deal with an urgent and very important issue: The current problem of water in the world. "

 "We create awareness, not alarm "


Our strategy lies in raising awareness and giving examples of solutions that are being implemented in other parts of the world, to awaken the imagination and thus realize that it is possible to solve it.


We are more than 70% water, which is why it is so important for us.
There are 3 main problems:
  1. Shortage: Of 100% of the land, 70% is water, and of it, only 1% is accessible.
  2. Quality: Millions die a year from drinking contaminated water.
  3. Damage to the environment: Due to the shortage, we have found ourselves in need of over-exploitation of aquifers and using plastic to transport it.


The Romans built numerous aqueducts to provide water to the cities in their empire. These aqueducts were among the greatest engineering achievements of the ancient world and established an unmatched standard for more than a thousand years, but, is it that today there is no more efficient and sustainable technology?


Investigating what has been done in other countries, I have found technologies that are really worth analyzing for implementation, but don't we need to start taking care of it in our homes?

In Cape Town, South Africa. At the beginning of 2018, the "zero-day" was estimated for mid-May when the date approached it was postponed for October, and as the new date approached, it was postponed until further notice ... Was it a miracle?

In fact, an analysis resulted in 3 times less water being consumed in 9 months than in previous years, all thanks to the concern. 

At the end of the conference, we carry out experiments and activities that help in saving water and reducing pollution in it. Its duration is 45 minutes up to 1 hour and a half and we do it in the most entertaining way possible.

- Idiomas: English and Spanish
- Groups: 5 - 1,000

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