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NUBE SS150: Air to Water Generator

NUBE SS 150: Agua del Aire-Innovaqua Water Solutions SA de CV
$7,499.00 USD

Take Air to Water production to another level with NUBE SS 150!

Made of stainless steel so you can go outside.
Specially designed to supply up to 150 liters per day to:

  •  Offices
  •  Corporate
  •  Industrial ships
  •  Warehouses
  •  Schools

plug and play nube air to water

 Plug & Play


Electricity consumption per liter produced:

$0.18 - $0.48 pesos mxn / 250 - 300 Watts.


Does NUBE SS150 need maintenance?

Yes, but don't worry, it's very easy and cheap: 3 cartridges (Carbon and mineralizer) are changed every 6 to 12 months. Its price is 150 USD, we send them to you for free and they are installed in less than 5 minutes


air to water generator

nube agua del aire

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