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Replacement filter for Brita Pitcher (2 Pack)

Filtro de agua BRITA Stream de repuesto para Jarra (2 Pack)
$23.99 USD $29.99 USD

It includes 2 units:

  • BRITA STREAM replacement filter: only for use of Brita Stream jug, enjoy 1 Brita Stream replacement filter without BPA for ever cleaner, great taste, water filtration. Height 5.31; Width 2.31; Length / Depth 2.31; Weight .13 pounds
  • Fast and practical: manufactured with filtering technology like you, Brita Stream water filters allow you to quickly fill the entire jar and immediately pour a glass of great taste of filtered water.
  • Better taste: patented activated carbon reduces the taste and smell of chlorine and gives you filtered water without black spots.
  • Reduce waste and save: a BPA-free water filter can replace up to 300 standard 16 oz. Water bottles
  • Easy installation: change your Brita Stream filter with 4 simple steps, then fill the jar and pour great tasting water instantly.
Replace the Brita Stream filter every 50 gallons, approximately every 3 months for the average family.

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