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Ficha técnica Elixir

Water Use For Drinking

Number of Filtration Stages
Single Elixir: 5 Stages

Elixir Plus: 5 Stages + 6th pH cartridge

Elixir Pro: 5 Stages + 6th pH cartridge + 7th UV Focus

Filtration Stages
• PP-5 Polypropylene Cartridge
• UDF-10 granular activated carbon cartridge
• Activated carbon cartridge in block CTO-10
• 50G Reverse Osmosis Membrane
• Cartridge In Line Post Carbon Filter CICL-1


+ PH cartridge


+ PH cartridge

+ UV filtration

Flow 0.40 LPM

Minimum Pressure 40.00 PSI

Maximum Pressure 80.00 PSI

Pressure Loss 25

Maximum temperature 44

Pump Power 28.80 W

Number of Membranes 1

1/4 "Connection Diameter

Plastic material

Type of Valve N / A

It includes
Contains all accessories for easy connection
• Complete installation kit
• Key to change Cartridges


1 year warranty



Packaging dimensions 43.00 X 35.00 X 60.00 cm

Weight 14.00 kg

Production: Available 50 Gallons Per Day / 200 Liters per Day
Available in 110Volts (50/60 Hz) with a transformer.

100% tested and sterilized ready for installation

Operating pressure: 5 -80 PSI

NSF and CE 3.2 gallon storage tank; complies with water storage standards

FDA approved made of polypropylene

Jacob Type Restrictor (Built-in) Check Valve

Includes goose faucet and water and drain power connector

¼ ”inch tubing hose for connections

Water filtered against drainage 2-1

Fully assembled and water leak proof system

Dimensions: (cm) 43 (L) x35 (W) x60 (H) -
System + tank weight: 14 Kg - System + tank

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