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Is it useful to burn tires against frost on crops?

Sirve de algo quemar llantas contra las heladas en cultivos?
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The answer is NO.
They are practices without scientific support, traditions, and techniques transmitted from generation to generation without questioning their effectiveness or consequences.

quema de llantas evitar heladas

We live in the age of technology, but the comfortable producer does not seek advice or inquire a bit about sustainable development.

There are simple measures to prevent cold weather from damaging crops, such as the use of minerals that thicken the plant.

quema de llantas heladas

Leaving aside the environmental damages (which are serious), we can go into health issues in the family, to see if this (assuming that farmers have children or small relatives) creates more awareness:

contaminacion aire

The health effects of air pollution can be considered as a pyramid, at the bottom of which are the most frequent and least serious, and at the top those of lesser frequency but more serious.

If you have children and live in agricultural areas where these practices are carried out, we recommend not going outside and having the windows closed.

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  • Graciela R: February 06, 2020

    Muy cierto Mau, un gusto ver lo que escribes !

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