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What is coronavirus and should I be alarmed?

coronavirus y plata coloidal
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I write this blog since I have little nieces and a pregnant sister, and I want people in similar situations to have more impartial information and with real recommendations, (not the typical ones we saw in the natural science books).

The epidemic outbreak of coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China, has so far left +170 dead and more than 8,000 infected (data as of January 31, 2020).

plata coloidal y coronavirus

But ... if the number of dead and infected by the coronavirus does not approach the 2009 pandemic with the H1N1 (200,000+ deaths), why did the World Health Organization declare world alert?
Scientists reveal that each person infected with coronavirus can transmit the virus to up to 2.5 people, which means that it is "self-sustaining," that is, it will not extinguish on its own.
It is not known how infectious the patients are during the incubation period, making it very difficult to prevent a spread. In a few days, those infected with coronaviruses have gone from being hundreds to thousands.
Coronavirus cases resemble the cold, making it difficult to detect.
There are many global interests involved, without wanting to get into that issue a lot: Imagine the economic spill only of mask and antibacterial, don't you think there is a lot of diffusion with particular interests?
I researched the topic for several days (I didn't want to write this article just repeating what you can see in other media), and what is really feared is that we have time without an unusual pandemic.

List of the latest pandemics with more than 1 million victims:

1918: Spanish flu; 50 million victims
1957: Asian flu; 4 million victims.
1968: Hong Kong flu; 2 million victims
Due to the ease that people have today in transporting us and citing several scientists in charge of tracking and preventing new diseases: "We know that there will be another pandemic, what we do not know is when," we can conclude that any outbreak of a New virus poses a risk.

For my personal care and that of my loved ones, I researched the best products to prevent. I share information about them and the link where you can buy them on Amazon.
1. Colloidal silver: It is proven that colloidal silver works against other coronaviruses such as SARS and we know that the new nCoV coronavirus is less lethal than acute and severe respiratory syndrome (SARS), according to data collected at the date. Although the Wuhan outbreak is more contagious because its infection is already active during the incubation period, the percentage of fatalities is only 2.2%, however, the SARS ends the life of 9.6% of those infected .
According to Herbert Slavin, M.D., founder and director of the Institute of Advanced Medicine in Lauderhill, Florida:

"... A study at the University of Arizona recently showed that ionic colloidal silver is effective against the coronavirus that researchers use as a substitute for SARS."

plata coloidalcomprar plata coloidal

plata coloidal


2. Generador de Ozono ambiental:Recientemente, ha habido un renovado interés en el potencial del ozono para la inactivación viral in vivo. Durante mucho tiempo se ha establecido que el ozono neutraliza bacterias, virus, hongos y parásitos. Las propiedades fisicoquímicas y biológicas únicas del ozono, y sus aspectos ecológicos, se han aplicado a una gran variedad de usos.

Debido al exceso de energía contenido en la molécula de ozono, es teóricamente probable que el ozono, a diferencia de las opciones antivirales específicas del organismo disponibles en la actualidad, muestre eficacia en todo el genotipo y el espectro de subtipos del SARS.

generador de ozono

generador de ozono

generador de ozono

plata coloidal

coronavirus y plata coloidal

Espero mis recomendaciones te sirvan y le platiques a las personas que te interesa que estén informadas.

"We are one".


mauricio bonilla serrano


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  • Victor Garza: February 01, 2020

    Gracias por mantenernos actualizados siempre Mauricio, los de las generaciones pasadas agradecemos que jóvenes como tú, se esfuercen en seguir educando a las nuevas y viejas generaciones.

    Un abrazo estimado!

  • Dennise Teng: February 01, 2020

    Great! Thanks for the post.

  • Ricardo Garza: February 01, 2020

    Siempre innovando Mauricio, gracias por compartirnos opciones que no conocía. Un gran abrazo!

  • Carlos Gómez: February 01, 2020

    Muchas gracias por la recomendación, son muy buenas. He usado la plata coloidal en el pasado y puedo decir que funciona muy bien.
    La compraré para esta temporada. saludos!

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